Okay so as you know from my last readable post my computers been monged. It’s still not fixed but I’ve managed to turn it on for the first time in days to try and post this. Hope it stays on long enough.
Just wanted to apologise for how boring I’ve been recently. I’ve nothing really to update as I’ve not been able to keep a regular check on my daily thingys.
But Thursday I went out and got REALLY drunk with people from work. Spent most of Friday hungover and asleep. Was in the studio all day Saturday and FINALLY finished a new tune. Check out a sneaky preview of me recording my bass here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=addIrpZk55E
So that’s the pre-production finished for that song. We’re considering releasing a sneak preview of the full song in good quality just so the fans can here what to expect on the new album.
Sunday worked… Went to Linda’s for tea. And came home.
So on Thursday TomFrom is coming and rebuilding my PC for me so I will 100% be back on it from then. That’s a promise.
Thanks for keep checking back.



February 22nd/23rd – Days 53 & 54

Posted: February 24, 2011 in February

Bloody computers gone kaput again! I’m sick of it it’s a pile of poo.
That’s why I have posted. I’m sorry.
But to be perfectly honest you haven’t missed much at all.
I’ve just worked both days and yesterday I fell asleep in the bath.
That was about it.
Probably a good thing I didn’t post to be honest!


February 21st – Day 52

Posted: February 21, 2011 in February
Work today. Was a boring day all in all. Well the first bit anyway.
Just worked a pretty regular shift with nothing major happening.
When I got home I went to be for an hour with Dexter playing in the background. Then Soph woke me back up and we headed out as it is Soph’s Nan’s 80th birthday and we were off for a meal.
So we headed up to The Tavern on Hunger Hill to wait in the wings to surprise Marion (she didn’t know me, Soph and her best friend Ivy were coming). She got there finally and she was dead pleased to see us all. We sat down to eat and it was really good. Apart from my starter only being lukewarm. But I’ll let them off for that because we were all quite merry and messing up their restaurant with party poppers that all the other guests clearly didn’t approve of.
On the way home we blew up Soph’s flat tyre.
Got home, had a poo and went to bed.
At least I’m back on form now though. Not missed a post xD


Okay. I’ll be dead honest. I’ve been well shit this week. So here is your first and quite possibly your last quad post of the year. Yes quad. I’ve missed four whole days. But I have been busy.
Starting with Thursday. I was working all day and did nothing much else. Apart from being dead nervous about my Barista Maestro course in Leeds the following day. So I sat up until late at night reading my Barista Book and getting Sophie to ask me questions in it.
The next morning I woke up at half 4. Absolutely did a poo because for some unknown reason I thought I’d overslept. Dived out of bed and rammed all my clothes on faster than you can say Egyptian-Lesbians-In-A-Hot-Tub-Of-Ketchup. Then I actually looked at the clock and realised I was just being a plebb and it was actually 2 hours earlier than I needed to wake up. So I went back to bed for a couple of hours. Woke up and went to the train station to catch the 06:53 train to Manchester. Spent £26.10 (rip off) on my ticket. When I got to Picadilly Station I decided to get an early morning Costa from the shop in there. Had a Flat White and went to my platform for the train.
Was on there for about an hour before arriving at Leeds at 08:21. On the way I found it weird how just half an hour out of Manchester there was just pure countryside. Loadsof little villages and towns. Where loads of doctors and coffin dodgers live. All with a minimum of 27 storey houses made out of pure manly Yorkshire stone. This was the best picture I could get. I know It’s shit.

Co-inceidentally the guy in the reflection was marking some work of some children studying Sociology. So I’m assuming he was a teacher of some sort. Either that or a paedophile.
So I got to Leeds. And couldn’t find the place I was supposed to be going to at all. Took me forever. Eventually got there.
Due to legal thingymabobs I can’t actually divulge what happened on my course as I could lose my job. So I won’t tell you. Just that it was good and that I found out about loads of new things I didn’t know about work. I find out whether I passed the course by tomorrow.
Came home and went to my cousins 18th party. It was a fun night. A stripper covered him in whipped cream and there was a bucking Budweiser (a spin on a bucking bull obviously). Came home. Went to bed.

Got up early the next day to go get my hair cut. Then went to the studio ALL DAY to work on the new album. Was there for ages and didn’t take any pictures. Sorry. After that we decided on a change of scenery and all came back to mine to work on it some more. Got a few beers in and chilled out till late. Went to bed.
Woke up an hour late for work 😦 I hate getting up late. And oversleeping. I do it far too often and it’s worse because I work in a small team of people and if I’m ever late then someone who I am close to and is my friend is going to suffer for it. So I felt really bad.
Got to work. Did work. Came home.
Then I went to bed for a couple of hours before heading up to Sophie’s parents for tea as is Sunday ritual. It was Dave’s birthday yesterday so he cooked a special Tapas tea. It was proper nice. Watched Marchlands (which is absolutely epic and I’m well pre-ordering the DVD).
Then came home and wrote this. Sorry for the lack of postage. I’m back on form now. Starting frommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……………………………..



February 15th/16th – Day 46 & 47

Posted: February 17, 2011 in February
I’ve had a really busy couple of days and have been absolutely knackered. That’s why I didn’t post yesterday because I just slept.
Both days I have been working from 6:15 in the morning and then coming home and sleeping.
Yesterday was a pretty average day at work. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary. No celebrities came in or anything. Was a bit of a let down after Monday to be honest. But after that I came home and fixed the codecs in my PC so it’ll now play video without the sound being about half an hour ahead of the video. I spent hours looking online for a solution to my problems and then finally found a reasonable one. All I needed to do was download a new media player which automatically installs the codecs I should need. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it myself. I guess I was just over complicating the situation. So after I’d done that I got in bed and tried to sleep for a while before I needed to head off to the studio. Alas… I couldn’t sleep. So I just watched Dexter in bed for a bit.
Then it was time to go to the studio. JTB couldn’t make it down but Wallace, From and Ste still made it. So we cracked on with writing Ste’s new tune. It’s sounding phat if I do say so myself. Enjoying playing it loads. As we have the album coming up we decided to go to the studio ALL day Saturday. So that’s coming up. However upon reflection I am regretting that choice as it is my little cousins 18th the night before. So eurgh. God knows how I’m gonna be on Saturday.
Came home and went to bed for a few hours before getting back up for work.
Went into work and was working with Shaun Moore (the guy’s a legend I love him to bits and working with him is always a laugh and work wouldn’t be the same without him) who came in in a very jolly mood. We had a really good shift and sang a few numbers for the customers. None of whom failed to give us a weird/dirty look.
Came home and went to bed as I was absolutely shattered after having like 10 hours sleep in 70 hours.
Woke up after a couple of hours and we headed to my Mum’s. I’m not entirely sure how it came about but we ended up having like a 2 hour family quiz night. It was absolutely hilarious. With everybody trying to beat everybody else there were hilarious answers to questions such as “What was the name of the ship in which the Pilgrim fathers set sail in 1620?”. My Dad’s answer was “The Hairy Bikers”. God knows why. He’s just a mong. Co-incidentally the first person to comment/text me the right answer wins a quid.
So that’s that. Came home. Going to bed.


February 14th – Day 45

Posted: February 15, 2011 in February
Valentine’s Day… The day in the year that you’re supposed to be dead romantic and go out of your way to make someone feel special. To be honest… you’ve got 365 of them. Why not do it every day? If you seriously need a given day in a year where you’re nice then you need stabbing. And I’d be glad to do the honours. It is also the only day in memory of a saint where nobody actually knows anything about that saint. Only that he was buried at the Via Flaminia, near Rome on February 14. Pointless or what?
Nevertheless it’s always nice to see that smile on someone’s face I guess. But I saw that smile weeks ago when I gave Sophie her early Valentine’s present (remember the makeover and that?) so I didn’t have much to give today besides a few kind words and a few cuddles.
She bought me some choccy’s though which I’m well happy with. She also ordered me a card from funkypigeon.com but it hasn’t come. So I’d recommend sticking to MoonPig if you have a relative with a birthday coming up or anything.
So anyway… apart from the obvious festivities it was pretty much just a regular day. Had work. That was slightly more interesting than normal though as I was quite star-struck when not just one but two celebrities came in store in ONE day! There was Dev off Corrie and then that stupid cow Melissa off The Apprentice 2010. At least I’m 99% sure it was her (she still had that up her own fanny attitude off camera)… But it definitely was Dev because everyone stopped and the old people looked ready to pounce and start licking him. Fortunately they didn’t.
Came home and tried to sleep for an hour but I couldn’t (probably because I drank like 5 cappuccino’s at work) then went to the studio.
Came home and had a bath. Now I’m gonna go to bed early as I have to leave the house at 5:45 in the am for work. GRIM!
Still haven’t found my iPod lead because I has been busy innit.


February 12th/13th – Days 43 & 44

Posted: February 14, 2011 in February
‘Nuvva double post!!
Well to be honest I didn’t do anything yesterday. Except for work and come home. And then we went to Aldi shopping and they well jipped us. It’s supposed be cheap but it proper aint. So don’t go. Robbing gets.
Today however… Wasn’t much more interesting but I have a bit more to tell you as I can remember a bit more of it. Partially because I’ve not drank a full bottle of Malibu today. Ahem.
Well I set my alarm early but I had one of those mornings where you keep saying “five more minutes” and got up late. Had a well quick shower. Got dressed and set off to work. Forgot I had about as much petrol as an Irish farmer and had to go to the filling station. I put like 10 bills in and when I got back in my car my needle had barely moved. At first I thought it’d be reet after I’d driven around a bit. However, I was mistaken. It was because petrol costs far too fucking much. 128.9p per bastarding litre. Seriously… what?!? When I started driving it was ACTUALLY 87.9p. That’s an increase of 41p in just under 5 years. Which means if we carry on this way it’ll be like 169.9p by the time I’m 25 and a bit. I think I’ll go electric.
Anyway… got to work and did my shift. As you do. It was all right.
Came home to pick Sophie up and found out that the GENIUS had fixed the internet. So yes.. I’m back in full swing with proper interweb and everything. Then went to Linda Pinder’s for tea. Had some well nice chicken and spuds.
Had a really good night. Gonna go bed now and watch a VD because the PC’s now in the bedroom. No Picture because I can’t find my iPhone lead as everything’s been shifted. Will find it tomorrow.